About Optimat

Helping clients to create wealth through the development of new markets and exploitation of new technologies

Mission Statement

Optimat is a specialised consultancy that provides companies, academia and public sector organisations with the discerning market research and strategy services they require to make effective decisions on investment, innovation and sustainable business growth.

The company was first established in 1989 and during those early years we secured a solid reputation for helping clients exploit the innovation and economic opportunities offered by developments in new materials. Since then, we have broadened our areas of expertise and built up a wealth of experience across all sectors of the knowledge-based economy in the UK and Europe. We are well known for our practical, flexible and professional manner, which combines robust methodologies with sound business knowledge and experience.

Working at the interface of industries, markets and technologies

As one of Europe's leading, technology and sector focussed strategy consultancies we clearly recognise that our continued success depends on the quality of our people, our market knowledge and our ability to continually expand our capabilities.

Our highly experienced teams work at the interface of industries, markets and technologies across the whole innovation life-cycle, undertaking projects and programmes for economic development bodies, private companies and research organisations. We can provide the detailed research, value-added analysis and strategy formulation that enables such organisations to effectively:

  • Assess the implications of market and technology developments
  • Find out what the competition is doing
  • Identify short and longer term development options
  • Test the robustness of development options against future scenarios
  • Develop and/or critically appraise business or development plans
  • Identify external sources of funding and partners
  • Monitor and evaluate development projects

We are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.  In addition, our consultants are all highly qualified in a wide variety of economic, marketing and technical disciplines. Several members of staff also have MBAs. This means that you can be sure that whatever the type of project we carry out, the quality of our market research, strategy and reporting will be second to none.