NANORIGO – the First Six Months

A lot has happened in the first six months of NANORIGO.  We are one of three projects developing a risk governance framework (RGF) and risk governance council (NRGC) to support decision-making around potential risks associated with engineered nanomaterials and the products containing them.  Optimat is leading work package 7 (WP7) on dissemination, exploitation and training.

NANORIGO is working with Gov4Nano and RiskGONE (all funded under the H2020 NMBP-13 call) to ensure that a sustainable and equitable RGF and NRGC are developed for Europe.  All three projects’ DoAs have been shared to identify areas for synergy, with coordinators and work package leaders meeting in Amsterdam in early June to discuss a coordinated approach.  As a result, a number of cross-project working groups on different activities have been established, and these groups are in regular dialogue regarding developments and plans. 

Stakeholder engagement is a core aspect of all three projects, and necessary to inform and shape the RGF and NRGC.  This is being managed by an inter-project stakeholder coordination group, which met in Brussels in May to discuss key activities within each project that involve stakeholders.  Optimat is representing NANORIGO in this task.  There is now a unified approach to stakeholder engagement, ensuring that stakeholders will not be over-burdened with requests to contribute or participate in work, and that their involvement maximises impact for all three projects and ultimately the RGF and NRGC.  This group meets on a regular basis to review progress.

NANORIGO partners are progressing well with completion of several deliverables and milestones including on data reuse (retrieval) and dissemination and communication.  Work towards other deliverables is well underway, in collaboration with the other two projects where appropriate.

In addition, NANORIGO joined other NanoSafety Cluster projects at EuroNanoForum in Bucharest between 12th and 14th June.  There were three presentations by NANORIGO partners:

  • Isabel Rodríguez-Llopis (GAIKER) on ‘Safety and sustainability assessment in Safe by Design in NanoReg2’
  • Cesar Merino-Sánchez (Grupo Antolin) on ‘NanoReg2 Safe by Design industrial case study: carbon nanofibers production by CVD floating catalyst method’
  • Marie-Valentine Florin (IRGC, EPFL) on ‘Do we need a framework for the governance of nanotechnology-related risks?’

Monique Groenewold (RIVM), coordinator of Gov4Nano, gave a joint presentation on behalf of the three NMBP-13 projects ‘Risk Governance of Nanotechnology: H2020 Collaboration’.

In the next period, NANORIGO along with the other NMBP-13 projects, will begin constructive engagement with stakeholders, and will be attending upcoming NanoSafety Cluster meetings, including in Copenhagen 7th to 10th October.

For further information please contact Mark Morrison (WP7 leader) or the coordinator at



NANORIGO has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement number 814530.

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