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Optimat is Assisting The National HVDC Centre

Optimat is assisting The National HVDC Centre over the next 18 months with developing its business engagement strategy.

PROSO Publishes Support Tool for Responsible Research and Innovation

Optimat is pleased to report that the Horizon 2020 project PROSO has concluded successfully.

Reducing our carbon impact

Optimat is now in it’s sixth year of measuring our carbon impact.  2017 saw a fall in carbon emissions from running our office of 24% since 2012.  Including car travel, to and from our clients, our gross annual emissions for 2017 was just over 11 tonnes CO2e.  By sourcing our energy from green power supplier Ecotricity, we were able reduce this by 5.3 tonnes CO2e.  A further 5.2 tonnes CO2e wer…