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TRANS-FORM Good Practice Report

Optimat co-ordinated the FP7 TRANS-FORM Project - Towards Sustainable Zero Carbon Transport through Innovation Procurement.

Nuclear Waste and Carbon Dioxide Storage Monitoring Opportunities

Joginder Fagura of Optimat will be delivering a presentation on the market opportunities for monitoring technologies in geological repositories as part of the GeoRepNet conference (12-13th October in Edinburgh).

The STFC Network, GeoRepNet, will hold its third conference in Edinburgh focusing on exploring all aspects of high technology transfer into geological repositories and other dee…

Energy4Healthcare Strategic Policy Roadmap now available

Optimat is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Energy4Health project, which was co-financed by the European Commission.  A strategic policy roadmap has been published which identifies eight operational objectives, that if  realised will improve the framework conditions influencing the demand for and market uptake of innovative solutions in the healthcare sector.  This work was …