Economic Development

Trust us for market intelligence, economic development projects and infrastructure programmes

In today’s uncertain economic climate, identifying markets for technological innovation that can boost an area’s competitive advantage are vital to a region’s continued prosperity.

Optimat has over twenty years experience working with economic development and business support organisations in the UK and across Europe. We have a detailed understanding of the needs of our public sector clients, as well as your reporting and publication requirements. We are therefore happy to work with you closely to develop the appropriate project strategies and plans.

During the last decade we have been involved in programme design and delivery aimed at a wide variety of economic development projects, including:

  • Designing an appropriate business support or infrastructure programme based on international best practice
  • Enhancing business capacity for innovation activity through well-designed, cross-sectoral programmes
  • Identifying regional opportunities in a selected technology, sector or capability
  • Improving the technology expertise landscape in areas such as nanotechnologies and low-carbon technology
  • Reviewing strategy and policy initiatives
  • Supervising strategic projects and programmes to help meet clients’ objectives whilst minimising the administrative burden and the strain on in-house
  • Supporting specific sectors such as electronics and photonics

Our highly experienced consultancy teams are able to not only gather the necessary evidence but also to effectively interpret the data and to present it in the appropriate way to help our public sector clients make strategic decisions on investment, innovation and policy.

From technology reviews and policy studies, through cluster mapping and development, to programme design and management, Optimat has the people, the skills and the experience to improve the competitive position of selected sectors and industries whether at a regional, national or European level.

For further information or to discuss how we might assist your organisation or department, please don’t hesitate to call us directly on +44 (0) 1355 272 800.