Technology Commercialisation

Helping research centres and technology-based companies turn their IP into successful, marketable products

Turning technological innovation into a marketable product or service always presents a range of challenges as well as opportunities. However, with detailed research and a clear strategy, risks can be overcome and commercialisation can prove highly profitable. Before investment is released it is therefore vital that you are able to accurately assess the true market potential for the new technology.

Optimat Technology Commercialisation

To help universities and research‐intensive businesses identify and evaluate real commercial opportunities, Optimat provides a comprehensive range of market research and strategy services, as well as business support and project management services moving forward. Our expert teams take a structured approach to every project they undertake, providing a logical step-by-step approach from our first technology review, through product appraisal, to developing a fully-fledged, market entry strategy.

Leading-edge methodologies

We don’t like the traditional approach where knowledge creation and filtering precede any interaction with the market, our philosophy is to consider the commercialisation funnel with “the market in mind” from an early stage interaction with the market.

Combining technology expertise with research excellence, Optimat deploys a rigorous set of technical and business focussed methodologies. These include:

  • Technology Attribute Mapping
  • Research on Competing Technologies And Patents
  • Technology Market Research
  • Investor-Ready Business Plans
  • Commercialisation Training Workshops

Whatever the current stage of your project, we can provide you with the appropriate level of evidence gathering, interpretation and reporting services to help you determine the potential risks and rewards before investing further in new product development. This research will not only look at the market size, growth potential and other trends, but also the true potential, customer demand, challenges to adaptation, barriers to entry and competitors’ strategies.

Proof-of-concept research

Employing a combination of desk-based research and customer interviews, Optimat’s proof-of-concept market research provides you with an overview of the current state of the market and helps you to identify those areas offering the greatest opportunities.

This proof-of-concept market research will not only help you verify that there is indeed a real appetite for your product or service, but also to discover whether the product or service needs to be modified or customised in any way to meet user requirements. Once we have assessed the potential market for your IP or technology, we will work with you to develop a range of company-specific commercial opportunities.

To find out more about our services or to arrange an initial consultation please call us directly on +44 (0) 1355 272 800.