Who we can help?

Working for clients individually or as the part of a multi-partner project or programme

What We Do

Optimat brings together a wide-ranging experience of industries, markets and technologies with a structured approach and exacting research methodologies. This successful combination enables our project teams to provide bespoke market analysis, lucid strategy and value-added reporting – all tailored to the specific situation and requirements of each client.

We have in-depth experience of working with clients from the public, private and research sectors on everything from feasibility studies to supply chain mapping, and from technology transfer studies to market entry strategies for new products and services. Our research and strategy services can be provided to one organisation or to several organisations from different sectors as part of a multi-partner project or cross-sector programme.

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For more detailed information about how we could assist your organisation with a specific project, challenge or opportunity, please contact Optimat today on +44 (0) 1355 272 800.