Helping companies develop new products and to reposition for continued business growth

Interim Management

Optimat is a highly experienced research and strategy consultancy that specialises in helping companies with the development of new markets, commercialisation of new technologies and with business repositioning.

Established in 1989, Optimat provides a solid team of research and strategy consultants with a broad skill set and extensive experience across a wide range of sectors: from advanced engineering and chemicals to renewable energies and food & drink. In addition to our market-leading research and strategy services in relation to the commercialisation of science and technology and businesses growth, we can also assist companies investigate the adoption of new technology to exploit the potential of new markets. Examples of these types of interventions might include:

  • Helping engineering companies to identify and position themselves for new markets such as offshore wind energy developments around UK waters
  • Helping UK trade associations to be more strategic about sustainable development trends
  • Identifying global markets for the European green photonics sector
  • Helping new recycling businesses to prepare investment-ready business plans
  • Carrying out new product market research for a Polish speciality chemicals business
  • Identifying European market opportunities and partners for Asian and North American businesses

Complementing your team

Recognising that not all businesses are large enough to sustain a permanent research and strategy team in-house, Optimat is delighted to work closely with corporate clients – as well as public/private partnerships – to achieve your goals and objectives.

Optimat bring cutting edge methodologies to the area of data gathering and reporting. This greatly assists our corporate clients in the design and implementation of business development and market diversification strategies. To add further value, we are also able to provide clients with the detailed analysis that they need to feed into investment appraisals, business plans and reports, and to help make informed decisions about investment, business repositioning and market-entry strategies.

If you are looking to develop new products and/or diversify into new markets, then you will find much of interest in our sustainable business growth section. Similarly, if you are a research-intensive company that wants to maximise potential returns from a technology development you may also be interested in our technology commercialisation services.

Business innovation, product development and market diversification are core areas of Optimat's expertise and may prove vital in helping your business grow.

To find out more about how we could help your company diversify and grow in a sustainable way, call us today on +44 (0) 1355 272 800.